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MDC Still Committed To Talks-Tsvangirai

THE MDC has always been a people’s project. We seek nothing but the best interests of the people of our country.


Tragically, Zimbabwe has become one of the worst man-made humanitarian disasters of a new and hopeful century. At least two million Zimbabweans have already fled our homeland. An estimated half a million Zimbabweans have already died of starvation, malnutrition and preventable disease

Because of the failed policies of Zanu PF, five million Zimbabweans now face starvation and famine. We cannot allow this to happen. All of us must provide decisive leadership.

Fellow Zimbabweans, on March 29 you voted for change. You have been clear. We will not betray you. In this respect, the MDC entered these negotiations full of hope. We put aside our grievances and reached out to Zanu PF for the good of the people.

However, any dialogue to save our country must take place in an atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance underpinned by our shared patriotism and desire to stop the suffering, and build a prosperous future for our children.

The MDC entered these negotiations seeking a transformative and healing solution to the deep-seated political and economic crisis facing our country. Our objective is simple — a
peaceful resolution to the crisis that respects the will of the people.

The MDC remains committed to participating in any meaningful and genuine dialogue that urgently moves this process forward.
We knew negotiations would be difficult, but a resolution that represents anything other than the will of the Zimbabwean people would be a disaster for our country. We are committed to a solution that recognises that the people spoke on the 29th of March 2008 — a solution that ensures tangible deliverables are put on the table of Zimbabweans. A solution must thus put the people first, not leadership positions and titles.

We need a government that transfers power to the elected representatives of the people to carry out the people’s mandate for change.

In short, we seek a new Zimbabwe that will provide food, jobs, dignity and healing to all our people. To accomplish this, we need to look forward together. Only by working together can we rebuild our nation.

Although there are many dimensions to our crisis, there is one immediate and urgent step that is required: Our people continue to face a profound humanitarian crisis. We know you are suffering. Without further delay, we are demanding that NGOs be allowed to resume humanitarian assistance.

This weekend’s Sadc Heads of State Summit in Johannesburg is yet another opportunity for our African brothers and sisters to offer us a hand at this decisive moment. In his role as facilitator and as incoming Sadc chairman, President Thabo Mbeki must insist on ensuring that the Zimbabwean issue is put to rest. He must ensure that humanitarian assistance is resumed immediately.

We hope that as facilitator, President Mbeki will ensure that the issues that continue to divide us at the negotiation table are resolved as soon as possible. 

By Morgan Tsvangirai 

Tsvangirai is the MDC President.

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