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Young Leaders In Zanu PF Giving Us A Raw Deal

THE major problem that the youth in Zimbabwe have is that they seem to have no purpose or mandate to achieve.


This is more apparent in the young ministers and legislators coming from Zanu PF.

Their venturing into politics, I believe, seems to have been motivated by the desire to amass wealth. In contrast Mugabe and his peers from his generation had a goal, which was to free the masses from colonial rule. I believe they achieved that goal and no one can take that away from them.

However, I must point out that their deeds, however valiant are now history and the people have to move on. They want a new Zimbabwean vision which will provide food on their tables, bread and butter issues, democratic freedom, social and economic prosperity and justice among many other things.

It is my belief that the older Zanu PF members are reluctant to leave power because when they look at their young brood, they do not see leadership material.

We want our children to attend better schools, have access to good health services, provide for our elderly and be able to save money for retirement.

I believe I speak for many when I say to the young leaders in Zanu PF, give us a reason to believe in you as leaders, give us a vision we can be part of and relate to.

Collen Ngundu.

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