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We Tried GNU Already And It Failed

ZIMBABWE is clamouring for a GNU yet we were and are still in a failed one! People, let’s not be wrong again.


When Joshua Nkomo was threatened with anhilation he gave in to Mugabe. “What is in a name?” he asked. Yes, that sealed the fate of his followers to today. GNU is an elitist institute. Sudan, Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria are good examples of GNUs riddled with friction points that flare-up like volcanoes.

We have already experimented with it as a nation. It is simply useless. It is time to abandon GNUs and aim higher.

We are at a stage where we need the will of a people to be expressed not by the barrel as happened elsewhere but by simple democratic exercises.

We need a transitional authority to facilitate open, free and fair elections.

We have experimented with de facto one party state, GNUs, and now it is time for simple democracy.

Are we afraid of democracy after such a long history of political trial and error?



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