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A Letter To The Founding Fathers

I WRITE this letter to you all with a very heavy heart, heavy indeed. Our nation is at a crossroads.


That a brother would encourage and equip another brother to take life away from a fellow brother is sheer madness. How long shall this madness continue? Is this another “moment of madness” or is this modus operandi? You are not helping the younger generation at all by these wayward behaviours and actions.

Now, as you discuss and map our futures, I encourage you to do so with utmost caution. No tantrums, no threatening each other and no walk outs. You will sit down as civil adults, remembering that your children are suffering beyond comprehension. You will work this out and lead us out of this quagmire. Let this chapter in the history of our nation be a lesson never to be forgotten. Let not those who are intoxicated by the opium of power not distract from the bigger goal. No more excuses.

My dear fathers, here in the Diaspora, where we are scattered, I must tell you there are many Zimbabweans who have acquired tremendous skills that are an asset to the development of our country. They have diligently applied themselves to acquiring technical skills from these developed nations — you will be proud of them. Zimbabwe is rich not only because of the vast natural resources, but it has unparalleled human capital in the region. Many of them do not want to be here at all. They want to be home and participate in rebuilding our nation. They miss their parents, brothers and sisters. They miss Zimbabwe — give them the Zimbabwe they want.

So, dear fathers, as you map the way forward, remember this and remember it well. It is not about you. It is about the people. The people who sacrificed gruelling years of war to free Zimbabwe. The people (chimbidos) who cooked for the comrades! The people (mujibhas) who carried out reconnaissance missions. You are signing up to be servants of the people, not masters of the people. Let not the quest for power detract from the objective of running for public office. It is about the people.

Lastly, I encourage all of you to call off your dogs back to the kennels. This is a time of restraint. People should stop running their mouths, smearing propaganda every time they open their traps. Everyone knows them, the not so bright little men lacking of wisdom and pandering for their next

To the world that has stood by the people of Zimbabwe, I thank you. However, now is the time to wait and see. To Thabo Mbeki, this could have happened sooner — there is nothing called quiet diplomacy. You can ice it all you want, but quiet diplomacy means no diplomacy, simple. I still find it difficult for me to forgive you for your “no crisis” comment.

I wish you the best in your deliberations.

lMachekano is an assistant professor of Medicine in the USA.

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