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HIGHWAY-PATROL: An Australian man has been charged with driving his motorised wheelchair down a highway while drunk, police said Monday.


Motorists were forced to drive around the 64-year-old man after he fell asleep in an exit lane on the Captain Cook Highway in northern Queensland State.

When a passing police patrol woke him up he told them he had intended to drive 14km to visit a friend.

He was given a breathalyser test and found to be more than six times over the legal limit for driving, police say.

“The vehicles that we normally hear about with drink-driving are the family car, the truck, the motorbike,” Inspector Bob Waters told reporters.

“But there are also other classes of vehicles that are subject to drink-driving laws.

“People should be aware that drink-driving laws cover these kinds of vehicles, but also others like horses and bicycles.

The man was ordered to appear in court. –– News24.

WHOOPS!: TV chiefs have apologised after broadcasting the Nazi lyrics to the German national anthem during a Euro 2008 match.

Stunned viewers were asked to sing along to the war-time Deutschland Uber Alles song which has been banned for 63 years.

Bosses at Swiss station SF2 blame the outrage on researchers copying the wrong lyrics from the Internet before Germany’s match with Austria.

“It is beyond belief that anyone could fail to know that this would be massively offensive to everyone who heard it,” said one fan.

The lyrics –– which start “Germany, Germany, above everything else in this world” –– were banned at the end of the Second World War.

Only the third verse is now sung to avoid promoting Nazi ideals under Germany’s anti-fascist laws.

Television executive Gion Linder, whose department provided the lyrics, said: “This was a profound mistake and we know there is no excuse. But we deeply apologise for it. I hope such a mistake never happens again.” –– Ananova.

BRA-ALERT: A 24-year-old American hiker given up for dead by mountain rescuers was saved when she threw her bra into a cable car.

Jessica Bruinsma had fallen off a ledge in the Austrian Alps and was stranded injured for 70 hours in freezing temperatures.

Mountain rescue teams had been looking for her in the wrong place and gave up the search because they believed she’d fallen to her death.

But Jessica spotted a cable car on its way up the mountain in Salzburg and quickly flung her bra into a container carrying food as it passed her.

Workers higher up the peak realised the undies must have been thrown in as a message and sent out a search party.

“It certainly beats sending up a flare,” said one rescue worker. “She hadn’t been wearing much when she started on her walk and she ended up with even less on when we saw her,” they added.

The woman is now recovering in hospital. ––Ananova.

FAKE: A Chinese motorist has been arrested for hanging up a fake police uniform in his car to deter thieves.

Police pulled up the car in Taiyan city after spotting the uniform hanging in a rear window, reports the Shanxi Evening Post.

“We were suspicious when we spotted a uniform hanging up in a civilian vehicle,” said a police spokesman.

The 25-year-old driver admitted the uniform was fake, and said he hung it up to scare off thieves after his car was broken into previously.

Police released the driver after cautioning him and confiscating the uniform. ––Ananova.





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