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I Can’t Trust Zanu PF With My Future

I AM deeply troubled with my future as an adult in Zimbabwe.


For the past six years I have been working in the informal sector after the company which employed me shut down due to the foreign currency shortages. I have been struggling to make ends meet because of the run-away inflationary environment our country faces.

On Tuesday, youths wearing Zanu PF T-shirts and head gear, apparently high on alcohol harrassed flea market operators in Mabvuku where I stay, accusing us of having faked our allegiance to Zanu PF and calling us “sellouts”. They threatened everyone who does not have a Zanu PF party card with death if they come to work the following day.

I am worried by this state of affairs. If Zanu PF wins the election I am positive that they will embark on a serious purge of all informal traders and many of us will be assaulted.

It pains me when I think how a government we expect to guarantee our livelihood tramples on our only form of survival.

As an indegenous business person I do not think Zanu PF has any solution for my entreprenurial ambitions. Rather, Zanu PF is concerned only with the needs of the elite, people who already have money and are comfortable. My heart bleeds when I watch my brothers and sisters being used against others by Zanu PF.

Fortunately, no amount of intimidation or terror will force me to sell my future by voting for Zanu PF. Zanu PF no longer has the people at heart and as long as I am alive I am going to make sure that I vote for a new dispensation of governance that is people-centered and will empower us as informal traders.

To Morgan Tsvangirai I say soldier on my brother, I salute you. We as flea market traders are waiting for your government and we put our future in your hands.




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