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The Height Of Political Desperation

THE following is a quote in this week’s Herald.


“Chiefs and headmen should play a pivotal role of uniting people ahead of the presidential run-off. They should decisively deal with the people’s differences and urge them to forge a united front against the British-sponsored MDC led by Mr Tsvangirai,” said Cephas Msipa.

Welcome back from the political grave Msipa. What a way to come back to life after being dumped for so many years! Some of us were beginning to think that you either quietly sneaked into the Diaspora (to join one of your sons in the UK) or you died and were buried unceremoniously. All the same, welcome back.

With due respect Msipa, you have really embarrassed me and many other Zimbabweans. Are you aware that chiefs and headmen are not instruments of Zanu PF? Are you aware that in a democracy, they are supposed to be non-partisan leaders whose interest only lies in the well-being of their subjects and the country? What a pity!

If this is political desperation, then it has reached dizzy heights. How on earth can you literally incite chiefs and headmen to be at the forefront of Zanu PF violence against innocent Zimbabweans? When will you people ever learn?

Coming to that issue, Johannes Tomana, a known Zanu PF apologist, must be reminded that it is not up to the AG’s office to lock up people without bail. Bail is an aspect that the courts decide on within the confines of the law.

It appears Tomana does not know the purpose of his office. The AG’s office has a duty to prosecute, not to pass a judgement. Even a first year law student in one of the world’s poorest universities will tell you this. Which law school did you go to where this was not taught? Hauna kana nyadzi? (Are you not ashamed?)

Wezhira Mafirakureva,


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