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Zim Cricket Supports All Players

REFERENCE is made to the article “Taylor fears for Zim future”, in the Zimbabwe Independent of May 30.


The article gives the impression that Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) is an overbearing organisation that is unreasonably denying Brendan Taylor leave to play overseas. Nothing can be further from the truth.

At the onset of the 2007/8 season, ZC made it clear to every player that they were expected to fulfil all their domestic obligations with the organisation and would only be free to play wherever they wanted after the end of the season, which is on June 2.

We have invested heavily by providing exposure to our nucleus of senior players over time. It is only proper that we get a return on that investment by having the players taking part in our domestic cricket and raising the standard of the local game. We do not see how this can be called “a bad business decision”.

At the end of the season, the players are allowed to play in whichever country they accept an offer from, since ZC stands to benefit if the players remain exposed to a high level of play.

We remain supportive of all our players and said as much in our letter of May 7 to Brendan Taylor, part of the last paragraph of which reads:

“We would therefore encourage you to complete your obligations as per the dates outlined and we remain supportive of whatever direction you so decide your career to take.”

Lovemore Banda,

Zimbabwe Cricket.

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