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Indiana Jones Made For Profits: Ford

INDIANA Jones actor Harrison Ford said that the adventure series was “shamelessly” made for the audience, as the new film pulls in huge profits worldwide. “There is no series of films that I have done that have the same spirit and are so, if you will, shamelessly made for the audience — not to pander to them, but to give them an exciting ride,” Ford told reporters.


“It is a rare kind of beast, these movies,” he told a news conference in Tokyo for the Japanese release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Both Ford and scriptwriter George Lucas repeated that they were open to another episode of the series, although they have not yet decided on details.

In the Indiana Jones series, the action-hero archaeologist, sporting his trademark khaki soft-hat, fights bad guys as he solves ancient mysteries. Ford said that the Indiana Jones saga, whose last episode was released 19 years ago, still excited him like “christmas morning”.

“I was going to get to play with a whole bunch of new toys. I was very excited about that opportunity,” he said of the new film.

Lucas said the entire cast was excited when Ford put the adventurer’s costume back on for the latest film.

“It seems to happen on every movie, every Indiana Jones movie we do. There is this magic moment when Harrison appears on the set in his outfit and puts his hat on,” Lucas said.

“That just transports everyone into a magic place. I don’t know why. Even in Star Wars, we don’t have an iconic figure who does the same,” he said.

The film has enjoyed immense success around the world, grossing 313 million dollars in its opening weekend alone in the best debut this year.

Asked what message he would give to Indiana Jones, Ford thought for a second with a serious look and said: “I would remind him what a lucky guy he is to have such clever, persistent and valuable friends.” — AFP.

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