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A Party Of Sub-committees

THE 2008 harmonised elections really put Zanu PF into total disarray.

Even a blind man can see that the party has become rudderless as the country is on auto cruise.

Never in the history of Zanu PF since its formation in 1963 have we ever witnessed such a revolutionary party so shrunk that only 10 or so people now monopolise and run the party.

I wonder if the politibro, central committee and other structures are still functional.

The party is now run by sub-committees and I wonder which sub-committee is the presidium. The truth of the matter is that some sub-committees are just place holders as a few individuals are virtually running the party.

The media sub-committee is very suspicious as it appears to be the default chair of the party. Very soon these few individuals will choke as the party is much bigger than them. Their task is mammoth and formidable.

Firstly, they have to deal with their disgruntled party members who have silently passed a vote of no confidence in them.

Secondly, they have to deal with their erstwhile opponents, the MDC. Thirdly they have to deal with the international community which has totally lost respect for them.

Last but not least, they have to contend with the hostile electorate which has already shown them a red card.

This small clique of individuals will not be able to overcome these challenges, instead it’s more likely that they will further alienate their party from the electorate.

Even if MDC folds its hands, Zanu PF campaigns in favour of MDC as it continues to operate on a selfdestruct mode.

The service chiefs have not make matters any better and violence has hardened the electorate’s hearts. Even their Sadc brothers are finding it very difficult to support them any more.

The cold hard fact remains that these sub-committees will never salvage the fortunes of this once upon a time formidable revolutionary party.

These unprecedented developments are ominous of what will happen to Zanu PF on June 27. On this day, history will be made.



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