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Will The True Patriots Please Stand Up And Be Counted

THE penning of this letter comes at a time when Zimbabwe faces a formidable challenge of a stalemate between the competing political formations whose effects are unavoidable in charting the course for her future.

It is obvious for all to see that daggers have been drawn and no one side is keen on relenting an inch in engaging in dialogue or compromising which will be perceived as a sign of weakness or vulnerability.

The bold proclamations by government spokesperson that a government of national unity with Morgan Tsvangirai at the helm is an impossibility along with careless statements by the opposition which serve to alienate rather than unite, make it even more difficult for dialogue to take place.

It is at this juncture then, in such circumstances where a thick cloud of uncertainty looms large that patriotic Zimbabweans from across the socio-political fray must avail themselves for the sake of national survival and actively work to find a solution to the impasse we find ourselves in.

This entails progressive elements from within the ruling party and opposition forsaking their parties’ official line if need be and saying to the eventual winner of the presidential election that they are willing to work together if a climate of  goodwill is created.

It entails the acknowledgement of the wrongs done by perpetrators of callous acts of brutality and some form of accountability for such acts for true reconciliation to be a reality.

It also entails the accommodating of the “losers” and making an effort not to disenfranchise them, particularly by not making inflammatory comments which have not gotten us anywhere.

Concerned Zimbabwean,

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