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IN the proposed presidential run-off, Zimbabweans are invited to vote either for change or for no change to their miserable socio-political situation.

I personally don’t see the need for a run-off except as a means to waste time and resources.

MUGABE, I urge you not to confuse our patience and peaceful nature for docility.



MUGABE and Zanu PF have failed to win a rigged election! Clearly God has not forgotten Zimbabwe and I’m now convinced that miracles do happen.


WHEN Zanu PF came to power in 1980 was that not regime change? What is now wrong with the MDC also wanting to effect another regime change in Zimbabwe?

T M K, Harare

WHEN the inevitable happens and an MDC government is elected into office, March 29 should be declared our new Independence day.

Gutsa Ruzhinji.

GWYNNE Dyer notes but fails to explain British obsession with Zimbabwe. Can somebody explain this unprecedented obsession.

Puzzled Zimbo.

WHY is it so much easier to make calls using a NetOne line once the tariffs increase? Coincidentally when inflation erodes the increases it becomes much harder to call.

Congested, Gweru.

ZIMBABWEANS must not despair! Mugabe’s time to go is nigh, nothing lasts forever.

G7 Tronic.

ISSUES to do with government should be solved via the ballot. The ballot is the only route that should be taken. Be wary of dubious “negotiations” that are likely to set a bad precedent.

Nhamo wekuMasukwe.

WE, the residents of Caruthers Avenue in Orange Grove, Chinhoyi have been without water for 15 months. Council please do something.

Concerned, Chinhoyi.

THE MDC must do its part to help protect the people who voted for them from Zanu PF supporters. The people gave their vote of confidence to the MDC and it must reciprocate by doing something to protect the people from Zanu PF militias.

Worried Voter, Harare.

IT’S consoling to see that Mbeki’s “mute” diplomacy is being overshadowed by Zuma’s stance. The writing is on the wall for the regime.

Nhamo Nanyanya.

NIPC please leave the trust schools alone and concentrate on real concerns such as bus fares, the cost of basic goods and rentals which affect the majority. No parent is forced to send their child to a trust school and anyway it affects less than 0,5% of the population. The rest of us are languishing in abject poverty.

Mai Vemwana.

THE people in Zanu PF have a myopic view of politics because they cannot see past their present leadership. They have no organised handover/takeover structure. Zanu PF will inevitably be a free-for-all which will bring about its demise.


REUBEN Barwe and ZTV showed us the “victims” of opposition violence as a counter to international media footage of victims of Zanu PF’s violence. One question though: How come the so-called victims of opposition violence do not bear any scars of the “brutality” they supposedly endured?

Amused Observer.

THERE comes a time when you feel like no one loves you, people don’t want to be associated with you and nobody is concerned about you. Then you start to ask yourself the question… Am I Zanu PF?

Hardie Gwenzi.

BY raiding the MDC headquarters, Zanu PF has clearly demonstrated  that it is ready for war and not a poll run-off.


I WAS shocked to learn that Mugabe would officially open this year’s edition of  the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair. Does it mean that he could not find a head of state to grace the occasion? Then he must have been looking too far! Surely the recently elected president (Tsvangirai) could have found the time to do the job.


I JUST want to thank the people of Zaka East for voting MDC.

Excited Voter.

MANDIGORA should not play Sadomba as a central striker when the likes of Dzukamanja, Tsipa, Ngonjo and Maroto are there. We don’t like that type of selection.

DeMbare Fan.

THE truth must be told. Soldiers and the police are victimising people in urban and rural areas. Violence is rife and we are told to ignore it when our relatives are being brutalised.

Concerned, Harare.

WE do not condone violence. But if it is true that ZBC staff were beaten by police, they will have a more enlightened reportage than hitherto where they denied the occurence of police brutality in their news reports.

Llodza, Wedza

WHAT does ZEC mean that presidential candidates will ‘argue’ out the results and bring their own collations. Are they not the authorized body to announce results without fear or favour even if the candidates fail to concur with their view?


WE the people of Zimbabwe condemn and reject any efforts by the so called ‘military junta’ to undermine the democratic process. Such ill advised efforts should not go unnoticed and the day of reckoning will slowly but surely come.


THE higher you go, the harder you shall fall! Those with the ears to hear, let them hear.

Albert Mataga


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