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Cohesion Imperative In New Zim

IT is my wish to bring the attention of my fellow Zimbabweans to the need to value national unity and for us all to converge on the ideal of being Zimbabwean, now more than ever in our history.

The events of the last four weeks have solidified the fact that Zimbabwe will never be the same again in terms of the socio-political situation.

The recent electoral upset against Zanu PF in the least expected area, that is the rural areas, has expressly highlighted to all who are not delusional that Zimbabweans are ready to move on from the politics of patronage and keen to enter a new era.

The incumbent regime is obviously dissipating slowly despite their best efforts to reverse this.

Moreover the irreversible winds of change are blowing while there is a national clamouring for leaders who can turn the tide of Zimbabwe’s waning fortunes.

It is imperative at this point therefore to let cooler heads prevail in the reconstruction of a new Zimbabwe, particularly amongst those who lead us.

There is need for the fusion of all the progressive elements across the political spectrum so as to bring a real new era of peace and prosperity.

For much of our history a handful of the population has been benefiting at the expense of the majority.

Therefore it is a wonderful opportunity now, when no one political party has outrightly won the election, that a multiplicity of interests can be served and no one section be taken for granted through a government of national unity.

 I urge all Zimbabweans to come out of their comfort zones of prejudices and tribalism and give this new Zimbabwe a chance considering that it offers so many positive possibilities.

The alternative is there for all to see.

Flame, Harare.

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