Zanu PF playing games with voters

AFTER the demise of the dictatorship during the harmonised polls, Zanu PF has started playing hide-and-seek games in order to buy time whilst the dictatorship clings to power causing unnecessary mayhem in the country. Firstly President Mugabe instructed the Zmbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) not to announce the poll results without his approval.

Unfortunately for him he failed to defeat the MDC’s Morgan Tsvangirai and lost by a wide margin. He then demanded a run-off before the results were officially announced. This shows how inhuman he is, not having the will of the people at heart but only interested in his own survival along with that of his bootlicking lieutenants.
The dictatorship parades itself as doing the masses a favour by haphazardly distributing land and repossessing foreign-owned investments which has had the effect of devastating the economy. The people are therefore longing for a leadership structure which will lure instead of chasing away investors. Currently the outside world has lost confidence in Zimbabwe as a place to invest as a result of the rampant mismanagement by the Mugabe regime.
There is a lot of confusion and apprehension in the majority of Zimbabweans as they look forward to new leadership which will steer the economy out of its current pit to a position of envy by the nations that surround us. The incumbent regime is totally confused because it is talking about a recount which shows that they know the results and they have realised that they have lost. Let us not waste time and effort dwelling on them but let’s congratulate the new leader Morgan Tsvangirai on winning the election.