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Put the interests of voters ahead of self

I WONDER what Joseph Msika meant when he said Zanu PF will never enter into a coalition or a government of national unity with the MDC, whom he termed “puppets of the Western states”.

What I find revolting is the fact that Msika appears to confirm what many believe and that is that the ruling party is unwilling to submit to the will of the people. I still do not know the outcome of the full elections, but suppose 50% of the people choose opposition MP candidates, then it means that Msika is saying that he and his party will refuse to listen to any other voice of a section of the populace no matter how large that section may be? This is the very reason that has seen this country slide into oblivion because some people are not willing to listen to divergent views.
Parties need to be people-oriented and not selfish. If one looks at the current crop of leaders that were in the last cabinet, one is left in no doubt as to whether they represent the people or their own interests. Someone has to convince me that many people have benefited from any of the empowerment programmes in place, and not just the few privileged chefs. Someone has to convince me that of all the farms that were expropriated from the whites there is just one ordinary person that was allowed to occupy a farm house.
  A revolutionary party is one that is driven by the people, fights for the people and listens to the people. A revolution is never the imposition of the leaders’ will on the povo.
Talking about the revolution, I do not know who is a revolutionary any more. I would challenge the ruling party’s Goebbels to tell us whether he himself is not a petty bourgeois working even harder to climb the ladder to become one of the richest people in the land?
Not that there could be anything wrong with being rich, but true revolutionaries were never known to aspire to be the indigenous Bill Gates of their countries, but were known to be selfless servants of the people. If one looks at Karl Marx, or Lenin, let alone Mao, one does not have to dig an inch to find that they preferred serving their people than amassing wealth! Even the very concept of indigenisation was meant to bring the means of production to the people and not to a few selected privileged and inner circle individuals. 
In any party, when this crop of leaders find their way into power, they become dangerously intolerant, and become a law unto themselves. They end up driving out all those that do not  agree with their views; they either accuse others of selling out or create conditions for opponents to leave the party so that they remain as the most loyal to their leader and the people. This crop of leaders can be very dangerous both to the people, the party or themselves.
I really look forward to a poll result that will take this country to a state where the ordinary  citizen has a right to a decent living (the ability to buy basics at an affordable price), a voice in the governance of their country at national and local government levels, a right to freely associate and speak, a right to uninterrupted education and health care and the ability to travel without the risk of failing to get fuel at service stations.
Maybe this is the problem — that there are no ethics anymore in the way our national political activities are run. What we need to do is to bring into play corporate governance into our national politics. Ministers are no longer accountable to anyone. Civil servants have long since ceased being accountable to anyone. Parliament itself is no longer accountable to the electorate, even its own committees are powerless. Hence, you have a president who ends up being accountable to himself and everybody is subservient to him.  This has resulted in everybody else also desiring to be a chef of sorts, because being a chef destroys accountability.

George Kanyonga,

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