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‘MDC within Zanu PF’

I AM intrigued by the MDC (Mutambara) faction’s political stance.

The faction was negotiating with the Tsvangirai faction for months, but when Simba Makoni announced he was going to stand, the Mutambara faction quickly endorsed him.
Did they ever negotiate with Makoni on any power-sharing deal? I would have expected them to negotiate a post-election settlement prior to endorsing him in much the same way they were negotiating with the Tsvangirai faction.
Suddenly all the obstacles that made the other talks break down were not in the picture anymore. From the initial statement made by Makoni, it shows that the faction went ahead and endorsed him without his knowledge.
Furthermore, if Makoni wins while he has stated that he is still in Zanu PF, where is the Mutambara faction going to stand? Are they going to be the “MDC within Zanu PF”, a sort of new unity agreement?
I would very much want to hear the MDC (Mutambara)’s position on how they plan to integrate or be integrated within Zanu PF.

Boston, USA.

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