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Donations not news at all

PLEASE allow me through your globally read paper to dismiss with contempt the abuse readers of state-controlled newspapers have been getting for over a year now regarding computers donated by the president to schools.

It is not news in 2008 that a president has donated computers to a school.
News is why schools, universities, tertiary institutions, kindergartens, government offices etc do not have computers in this age?
News is what systems are on these computers, capacity, anti-virus software, software licences and how they will be paid for or renewed, programmes installed and most importantly what energy they use.
It is common cause most of the schools have no electricity in Zimbabwe.
News is how many of these computers are functioning right now.
Readers are not myopic or daft and deserve to be treated with respect. They know there may well be 10 computers donated before cameras at each rally and then packed up and carried to the next rally.
Having said that, the president may well be advised to put his energy on where it is most needed. The rest will follow.
Let central government work on a conducive investor climate, build infrastructure, power supply included, and then many containers will be filled from all over with quality computers to schools and colleges.

Mandla Akhe Dube,
New Zealand.

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