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Open letter to election observers

YOU have been invited to Zimbabwe to observe and report on our elections. You have to understand the importance of this mission.

The people of Zimbabwe are in a desperate struggle for survival. Over three million people have fled our country in an effort to try and provide for the loved ones they have left behind. The majority of people that are left behind are subjected to unbelievable conditions. We have the highest rate of inflation in the world at over 100 000% and our economy is in free fall.
Most of our children have not had any teachers at their schools for the second half of last year and all of this year. Huge numbers of these teachers have left the country, the few that are left are on strike. Our unemployment rate is well over 80%. Our health system has totally collapsed, people are being sent home to die. Over four million people urgently need food aid.
On behalf of the people of Zimbabwe we ask you to please understand that you are not here to play some kind of a game. Your job is a vital and important part for the future of the people of this country. The authorities will try to hoodwink, bribe or manipulate you into reporting all is well and above board. You will need to look past these so-called officials and get it on the ground. It will not take you long to come up with the truth. The people of Zimbabwe cannot survive another five years of this brutal regime.
Honesty and integrity is all we ask for. Please help us save ourselves!
D Zulu.

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