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Why does Dabengwa hate Tsvangirai?

AT Simba Makoni’s White City Stadium presidential campaign launch rally, Dumiso Dabengwa was quoted by the Standard as having said: “We came up with this rescue operation (Makoni for president)… we could not have our leadership falling to the likes of Tsvangirai… (That) will see us going back to the situation where out of desperation they replaced KK with Chiluba”.

As a poor worker I was left with many questions which beg for answers as to the real message Dabengwa was trying to put across to Zimbabweans:

Is the Makoni project a rescue plan to prevent Mugabe and Zanu PF from being defeated at the polls?

Why would it be difficult for Dabengwa and his friends in Zanu PF to accept Tsvangirai and the MDC to beat Mugabe if the people of Zimbabwe vote for him?

Where is the democracy in Dabengwa if he cannot stand the likes of Tsvangirai beating Mugabe at election time?

lWhy compare Tsvangirai to Chiluba as if they are identical twins? Is it because they were both workers who rose through the ranks to become leaders of their trade unions? What makes Dabengwa think that Tsvangirai will be like Chiluba if he becomes president, while Simba Makoni cannot be like Mugabe when they are both educated and have been close buddies for close to 30 years until less than a month ago?
lWere Zimbabwean students, workers, civil society, the peasants and the professionals who formed the MDC in 1999 desperate to find a leader?

The message we get from Dabengwa is that the Makoni project is a self-preservation strategy by some in Zanu PF who are no longer sure if Mugabe can continue to protect them and their ill-gotten wealth. Hence Makoni can provide them with immunity while the poor remain poor.

Pause for thought — why do they hate Tsvangirai so much? A new broom sweeps clean!



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