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What’s so good about the senate now?

IN October 2005 Morgan Tsvangirai personally superintended over the split of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). The background surrounding the split is well documented. The effect of that split has had negative repercussions in the quest for democracy in this country.

Needless to say, it is Tsvangirai again who is treating Zimbabweans like fools as we approach the March 29 election date. The major reason for the split in 2005 revolved around participation or non-participation in the senatorial elections held in 2005. At the time, Tsvangirai unconstitutionally overturned the National Council decision that had voted to participate.
This action saw the rise of the so-called “pro-senate” and “anti-senate” factions of the MDC. As a result, Tsvangirai did not field candidates in the senatorial election while the other MDC went on to field candidates. Tsvangirai argued that the senate was a burden to the taxpayer and an unnecessary expenditure not befitting a country like ours.Today, as the election draws nearer, we hear that Tsvangirai is in fact going to field candidates in the senatorial elections this time around!
So Tsvangirai, what has changed since 2005 in respect to the senate and its necessity? Today you would want us to vote for your senate candidates when you saw nothing important with participation in the senate election in 2005? To you Tsvangirai, it was worth splitting the party in 2005 over the senatorial elections that you are now participating in.

Zimbabweans are not fools. 2005 was only three years ago. The thousands of Zimbabweans that went out to vote in the senate elections in 2006 despite your relentless campaign for a boycott of those elections will not forget. You cannot just toss them around and treat them like yo-yo’s at your every beck and call.

If Tsvangirai was serious about the senate being an unnecessary institution, why is he fielding candidates this time around? Surely, if he was principled, he would not be fielding candidates in that election.

Victor Moyo,

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