Tsvangirai you failed, now give others a chance

IT is very critical that as a nation with a purpose we put our country first before our selfish needs.

Now the MDC (Tsvangirai faction) says both Arthur Mutambara and Simba Makoni are being forced on us by the West. Why is Tsvangirai’s faction fighting Makoni together with Zanu PF? It can only be fear of knowing the truth.Tsvangirai had two chances and it did not work and the reality is it will not work. While we appreciate what he did in the past, he should not use that to hold the nation to ransom.

Let us look forward and be practical. His votes were protest votes and now it is time for democratic votes with a choice.
Why is this MDC faction so bent on attacking another opposition member who is not with them? What then is the difference with you and Zanu PF? Our econnomy is so battered that we cannot afford experiments. Tsvangirai, get your act together.