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World police impotent on Kenya

By Denford Magora

HAS it not occurred to people that Kenya today is the offspring of Zimbabwe? President Mwai Kibaki has behaved shamelessly, so much so that even his own man in c

harge of Kenya’s electoral commission says he is not sure who won! I think we all know that Kibaki stole the elections. This is plain fact.

Why did he do it?

In comes the Zimbabwe angle. Because our own rulers have “stolen” the elections and lived to tell the tale, because Zimbabwe’s example has shown them that you can do what you want and there will be no comeback from the so-called policemen of the world.

The AU has displayed its impotence, hence John Kufuor left Kenya with his tail between his legs, nothing achieved.

The UK/USA alliance, much as it speaks of wanting to change the world’s governance for the better, has shown that it will only take meaningful action if its oil supplies are threatened or if the offending party lobs a Molotov cocktail at the statue of liberty!

Kibaki knows he lost. He knows he stole the election.

He was emboldened to do so by what he has seen happening in Zimbabwe. What it means is that the world has no effective strategy for dealing with people like Mugabe and Kibaki.

Certainly, this explains to a large degree the complacency of our people.

They protest and get killed but the stubbornness of people like Mugabe and Kibaki means their deaths and sacrifices will be meaningless and ineffectual. Nobody, not even the most saintly martyr, wants to die for nothing.

Kenya has Zimbabwe to thank for its predicament. And as an aside, do you remember how I was pilloried in your paper around the time Kibaki was elected for telling the Kenyans that they had condemned themselves to the rule of greed, corruption and autocracy.

Kenyans accused me of “belittling our hopes”. I dare say that I take no satisfaction in being proved right, because the death toll is going to rise in the country, primarily because Kibaki is going nowhere.

Behind him in the shadows in also Daniel arap Moi, who endorsed and supported him for president in the recent elections. Obviously the master is still instructing Kibaki and the “president-thief” is going nowhere.

I really hope that you will be able to do a piece on this angle and show the world that, by failing Zimbabwe, they have failed all oppressed people everywhere.

Denford Magora is a Harare-based analyst and creative director.

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