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Save Tsholotsho from Moyo

THE article “Moyo in alliance with MDC to save Tsholotsho” (Zimbabwe Independent, January 11) refers.

While I am all for a united opposition front to confront Zanu PF in the forthcoming elections, I take great exception to the MDC teaming

up with Jonathan Moyo in a bid to save the Tsholotsho seat.

Instead, Tsholotsho needs to be saved from Moyo. The MDC should know better than be seen associating with the professor.

Moyo’s tenure in Zanu PF is well-documented. He is the man who never passed any opportunity to vilify the MDC, often portraying it as a bunch of power-hungry, unpatriotic British-sponsored puppets.

Lest we forget, Moyo is also a cunning and calculative intellectual out to save his skin because he knows that his political epitaph is already written.

It is my hope that Moyo is finally obliterated from the political landscape in the next elections.

Joseph Mhlanga,

Dublin, Ireland.

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