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Chamisa’s statement is irresponsible

By Andrea Sibanda

IT’S intriguing for Nelson Chamisa (MDC Tsvangirai spokesperson) in his campaign speech on January 12, to utter an irresponsible statement in which he li

kens the Kenyan ethnic cleansing to what may happen in Zimbabwe should Robert Mugabe steal the election again. For someone who poses as a spokesperson for any political party, it’s prudent that he undertakes some research on the subject before issuing a malicious statement.

As a spokesperson for his faction, he should have noted that the Kenyan situation is quite different from Zimbabwe’s in that in Kenya the opposition is led by a different ethnic group from the dominant Kikuyu like Shonas in Zimbabwe. The opposition leader in Kenya (Raila Odinga) does not belong to the dominant group.

This makes the situation different from Zimbabwe’s where the main opposition parties are led by the dominant ethnic group (Shonas) who have over the years caused massive suffering to other groups since independence in 1980.Should there be clashes after the stealing of elections, who is the MDC going to fight or antagonise? It has to be one ethnic group amongst themselves over their own mess. How improbable!

Frankly speaking, the majority ethnic group should have long revolted against their master (Mugabe) who has unashamedly ruined the country and vows to continue his destruction.

As far as we’re concerned as a people of Matabeleland, we shall not partake in that scramble in Chamisa’s context. We shall however continue to fight for our rights and freedoms that have been deliberately trampled upon. We shall intensify our fight so that our treatment as second and third class citizens even in opposition parties ceases. The pretensions of a few misguided clique from the defunct PF-Zapu who have been used and are still in use have done nothing for Matabeleland. Any reasonable person sees that the structuring of the MDC is microcosmic of the falling Zanu PF which has alienated the other part of the country.

Chamisa’s statement is irresponsible, misleading and immature. Has he ever thought about how we feel as the marginalised groups or does he care? Has he ever known or thought that we (Ndebeles) also want to rule Zimbabwe better as the initiators of nationalism through our hero Joshua Nkomo? Does he know that the struggle for a meaningful Zimbabwe was hijacked by the so-called majority who have thus brought a lot of misery instead?

* Andrea Sibanda is Secretary General of the MFP Johannesburg.

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