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Anyone seen Mudenge?

LOST is the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education. He was last seen months after the swearing in ceremony by His Excellency. Anyone with information on his whereabouts can inform any university or college student or preferably yours truly.

He goes by the name Stanislaus Gorerazvo Mudenge.

The minister is surely not doing his job or else the president forgot to tell him his duties besides enjoying the comfort of his office. Zimbabwe’s education system is on the brink of collapse and the relevant authorities have a role to play including the lost minister.

There are no lecturers at universities and students are forced to attend three lectures before sitting for an examination. The question is whether the universities are producing fully baked graduates or graduates who have developed an art of passing exams.

What the authorities are good at is appearing on “the nation’s favourite TV station” boasting about the good education system of yesteryear. In fact, I don’t recall the last time I heard Mudenge talking about the education crisis in the country. He just keeps quiet and pretends as if everything is okay.

The learning environment is just pathetic with no modern learning equipment like projectors. The computers are very few and out of those few most of them are not functional.

A student is just allowed one hour on a computer at the National University of Science and Technology library. And at many occasions there will be no electricity at campus so how can we do our projects?

The main problem affecting the country right now is the transport crisis and any reasonable man would expect the most vulnerable group (students) to be protected from such. However, nobody feels for the students and the Zupco buses which used to ferry students have since disappeared just like the minister. Commuter omnibus operators have taken advantage of this and charge exorbitant fares especially in the rainy season.

The government must have its students at heart.

Kudakwashe Karupa,


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