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It’s Mugabe, not Gono

SOME time in December, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono made what I would call a startling statement to the nation. He said he knew who the cash barons are.

Now, instead of baying for his blood Gono needs help, and

needs it fast. His voice sounds very lonely and forlorn. Politicians are working against Gono and are benefiting hugely out of that.

What I have noticed is that President Robert Mugabe is the problem. He has never condemned corruption since he got into office 28 years ago. He has never dismissed non-performing cabinet ministers. This is the main reason why the economy is in the doldrums.

Recently Mugabe put his foot in his mouth and made the silliest of statements when he said that Zimbabwe will never collapse (economically, one presumes). Well how can Zimbabwe collapse when the country is lying on its belly? Mugabe has taken us for granted for far too long. Is he not ashamed? Has he got a conscience? God will punish him for making us suffer this much. The economy has crumbled right in his face.

Foreign currency dealings on the so-called black market started way back in 1982 and Mugabe was and still is well aware of those involved. There are big fish in Bulawayo who teamed up with an Asian businessmen to establish what became known as the World Bank. Mugabe knew about it yet he did not act. Mugabe acts swiftly, mercilessly and decisively when it comes to Zanu PF affairs.

Zimbabweans have kept him in power for 28 years and he has reciprocated their trust (and some of their faith) in him by keeping them starving by all cruel means. I am one of those who has trusted him for 28 years.

The whole economy now belongs to the black market. For the 28 years that he has been in office, President Mugabe has never made a key economic policy statement.

In the area of economics the president is poorly endowed, if at all he is endowed. He is so poor that he fails to dismiss known thieves in his cabinet and in the party as long as they support him. The nation has no foreign currency, no fuel, no basic consumables. The man is out of touch.

May I inform Mugabe that what is killing us are transport costs. Please help us in this area, Mr President. Come up with your own economic policies. Are you scared that your lack of economic grasp will be exposed?

Lastly the opposition should not come out and say that there are no cash barons because most definitely they are there by the thousand and are destroying the economy. Gono should now expose them and shame the president. The opposition tends to be too negative in their approach to national issues.



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