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Failure is a viable option for brave men

RBZ governor, Gideon Gono’s circus continues to provide cheap entertainment, the latest being a feeble attempt to mitigate cash shortages.

It is laughable, though unfortunate, that the egocentric governor reckons naming th

e so-called “cash barons” is the ultimate panacea to resolve the current cash crunch. Has it not occurred to him that people have lost faith in the banking system?

RBZ policies have given rise to the “cash barons” who are in fact Zanu PF functionaries, by giving them preferential access to both local and foreign currency.

The governor must not whine about a system he has perpetuated since his appointment to the RBZ. As usual, the threat to name those “cash barons” will not come to pass because the dear governor is also a receipient or, better still, a victim of the Zanu PF patronage cycle. Gono’s tenure at RBZ has been an absolute disaster in the core functions of such an esteemed and respectable institution. Failure is a viable option, but it takes brave men to admit that.

Joseph Mhlanga,

Dublin, Ireland.

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