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Hope rests with voters

By Ryan Mbuya

NOW that Zanu PF has endorsed Robert Mugabe as their presidential candidate, it is up to Zimbabweans to tell him and his party that this is the end of the


Have we not given Zanu PF enough time for them to rid us of this man who has brought only suffering for Zimbabwe and its people. Every time he goes to international fora he comes home empty-handed.

Funny that Iran may want him to spew garbage at the USA and UK but it would rather supply its oil to those countries and not Zimbabwe. The same goes for African leaders.

With this unwanted “hero” we do not have fuel, we do not have food, we do not even have that toilet paper he calls money, we do not have electricity. He even has the guts to accept his governor telling companies to close late for Christmas to boost production. What production when there is no water, no electricity, no fuel to move the goods, and now workers because they are in queues at the banks.

It would be better for all companies to close early so that people can sleep in queues for their cash.

Without Zanu PF, we would stil be the jewel we were in 1980 and would not be worrying about our children’s future. Without them we would be competing with the best.

Winds of change have been blowing in all of Southern Africa and Zimbabwe will be no exception. This week, the ANC barred Thabo Mbeki from seeking another term as head of the party. This culture of voting out leaders that have done their part is commendable.

If Mbeki had been allowed to serve another term, he would have destroyed the good work that he did in the last two terms.

Jacob Zuma must be given a chance to prove his capabilities and if he fails, then the culture of relieving him of his duties through the secret ballot must be maintained.

Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi and Tanzania have all changed leaders but Mugabe still wants to hold on despite his monumental failures. Even given another term, he cannot rectify the situation. It is overwhelming for him and we certainly need new blood.

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