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Mugabe should have walked too

By Wilson Katungu

THE much publicised million man march by Zanu PF supporters recently was a non-event. Given other pressing political and economic demands in this crisi

s-ridden nation such as shortages of food, fuel, electricity, cash and escalating transport and accommodation costs, this circus was just a hoax meant to distract our attention from these hardships.

Do people have to show support for their candidate on the street or at the ballot box?

Shame on Jabulani Sibanda who organised the 200 000 poor and hungry rural villagers to walk to Zimbabwe grounds. And shame on Mugabe who came in a motorcade while his loyal subjects walked from one end of town to the other. He should have shown solidarity with the masses and walked too.

This was just one of Mugabe’s tricks to intimidate and silence his opponents within the party. We did not have these useless marches in 1995 and in 2002. Moreover the million man march was done through abuse of public entities like the NRZ used to transport marchers who did not even know what was going on from remote areas.

Mismanagement of scarce resources, corruption and hero worshiping within Zanu PF are the major cause of our troubles.

Mugabe is obsessed with sanctions and the Bush and Brown paranoia instead of seeing the real issues.

Now that he has returned from the EU-Africa Summit, he claims to have defeated the British. Exactly whose war is Mugabe fighting? And if we are winning, then where are the spoils of war? We still have no water, electricity or food.

* Katungu writes from Harare.

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