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Manhanga must stop this nonsense!

I READ with great disdain the article by Trevor Manhanga on the proliferation of churches. This article must be received with great caution by the very public which he claims to want to protect.

There is a much greater sin than

all the sins that Manhanga says the public should be protected from. The public is in danger of falling prey to religious monsters who thrive on clever diplomatic heresy of which I am convinced Manhanga is one of them.

The rather clever “bishop” assumes that whoever will be the custodians of this regulatory mechanism are religious figures whose interests are genuine. It is amazing that Manhanga has risen through the religious ranks without any mechanisms checking the purity of his objectives and now he wants to assess the purity of other people’s objectives.

His comparison of Christianity and medicine or law reveals his religious bigotry. Christianity is not competing with these other institutions of the secular world. Jesus was not accredited by any Bible school neither were the 12 apostles or the chief apostle Paul, so where does Manhanga borrow his doctrine on servants of God being accredited at some theological institution before they can serve the purpose of God?

Manhanga claims that the purpose of this monitoring mechanism is to bring order and accountability in religion. Whose order? Accountability to whom? Why does Manhanga suddenly see problems in a system that has seen him rise to the apex of religious leadership?

I am very suspicious of characters of the likes of Manhanga, it seems now that he has found himself in a position of probable influence (heads of all Christian denominations) he has further discovered that most of these churches are not in any way compelled to listen to him or recognise his authority so he wants to create mechanisms that would otherwise legitimise his authority and influence in the affairs of other people’s lives and church doctrines in the name of protecting the public.

He must remember that the public is well protected by God and the laws of the country. Any rapist or charlatan must be handed over to the law for prosecution, there is no need to create a body where Manhanga or any religious persons of like mind will establish and monitor such systems in the name of protecting the public.

Manhanga seems to be driven by selfish interests and the public must be wary of such “shepherds”. Am I protecting lawless religious heretics? No! As I have already highlighted the laws of the country are designed by legislators to protect the public and where an individual has taken advantage of the public such an issue must be reported to the appropriate law enforcers who will take appropriate action.

Is Manhanga claiming that the law is not sufficient in dealing with religious charlatans? Does not the Bible deal sufficiently with issues of the nature of which Manhanga is proposing? Is the Bible not sufficient as a regulatory instrument?

Any God-fearing individual must fear to be a part of this body lest it degenerates into a body that judges men and yields condemnation for itself before God and for its victims. The creation of such a mechanism further gives persons like Manhanga undue influence over other person’s relationship with God and this is the worst interference that a person can be subjected to.

If men like Admire Kasi stand guilty in the eyes of God then it is without doubt that the same God will deal with them. Manhanga claims to be protecting the image of the church. The church and its Christ have never depended on a good image for its effectiveness in soul-winning. God has demonstrated throughout the ages his indisputable power by using Christ and the church effectively even in times when either was rocked in controversy.

Now Manhanga the religious spin doctor has come up with a strategy to rid the church of “unnecessary controversy” in order to make it effective? The church has been there long before Manhanga and will be there long after Manhanga.

The public must be careful of such men who speak with the form of godliness but are without God’s authority. I encourage Manhanga to seek God’s righteousness.

Concerned Christian,

By e-mail.

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