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Zanu PF fundraising for senate campaign

Godfrey Marawanyika

ZANU PF yesterday launched a fundraising campaign in preparation for the November senate election amid squabbles in the opposition MDC over whether to participate or not.

President Robert Mugabe has set November 26 as the date for the election.

The ruling party held a fundraising dinner at the Harare Sheraton last night.

The party was selling a table for $290 million and there were at least 20 tables on offer.

It was not possible to confirm how much Zanu PF sought to raise although insiders said the figure was close to $5 billion.

Zanu PF information secretary Nathan Shamuyarira could not be drawn into disclosing how much the party wanted to raise. Instead, he invited the Zimbabwe Independent to the dinner.

“You can come to the dinner and we can discuss details,” he said.

While parastatals are expected to book tables as a matter of course, sources say private companies would also buy tables to avoid a backlash from the ruling party.

Parastatals and private companies linked to Zanu PF have in the past doled out money to support ruling party functions.

Only deputy Youth minister Savious Kasukuwere confirmed that he had bought a table.

“I have paid $290 million for the table but I am not part of the organising committee,” Kasukuwere said.

The money raised from the function will be used to buy campaign material such as T-shirts, doeks and printing of flyers.

Elections for the senate will be held in accordance with Constitutional Amendment (Number 17) passed by parliament in August to re-introduce the second chamber.

The senate will constitute of 66 members – 50 elected, 10 chiefs and six presidential appointees.

The nomination court will sit on October 24 at 10 provincial centres. Inspection of the voters’ roll will take place on October 16.

The eight provincial assemblies of chiefs will also vote on the same day, each assembly electing once chief.

The president of the Council of Chiefs and his deputy will occupy the other two seats for chiefs. President Mugabe will appoint the final six senators to represent special interests.

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