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State agents beat up man over family’s involvement with MDC in England

RENEWED violence has started ahead of the scheduled March 2008 parliamentary and presidential election perpetrated by agents of Zanu PF on individuals linked to the opposition Movement for Democratic Change.

In the aftermath of the latest beatings, and listening to people who had gathered to recount their ordeals, it was clear that the violence was exacerbating the already deep disenchantment with government among the urban dwellers, who are facing food shortages, transport problems and a general breakdown of essential services and rule of law.

Media laws in Zimbabwe have made it impossible for foreign journalists to come to the country and report what is happening on the ground in Zimbabwe. It has not been easy for local journalists either.

This week The Independent established that Simon Thomas Dehwe (57) a date processor was severely beaten for advocating for democracy in the country.

Police sources said he was beaten and tortured because his wife Sheilla Chetsanga (57) and daughter Diana Dehwe were said to be the main reasons why the public and state agents beat and tortured him.

Police said the two are active member of the opposition – MDC and were pushing for a new government in the country as they continue to recruit Zimbabweans based in England to the party.

Thomas said he later learn’t about his family’s involvement in vigil and the opposition in England.

Effort to get a comment from Dehwe were fruitless as he is said to be in hiding as a result of the persecution he suffered because of his family’s activities in England.

Sources close to Dehwe said he has tried in vain to get a visa to England to follow his family. His life could be in grave danger as he is said to have breached his bail condition together with his son George who has been arrested on a number of times on false criminal charges and allegation of being an opposition member.

Efforts to get a comment from his wife were fruitless at the time of going to print.

As The Independent was driving back to the office, soldiers spilled onto the streets. We suddenly found ourselves trapped “behind enemy lines” as hordes of soldiers surged forward in front of vehicles.

I saw a man’s head being slammed against the wall of commuter omnibus. The man was wearing an MDC T-shirt.

Not far from there, a woman with a child strapped to her back, ran like an Olympic athlete to escape the advancing soldiers.

The attacks were random, as the unit beat anyone within sight somehow; we managed to negotiate our way to safety.

This made us wonder the suffering and pain that Thomas and his son might have faced at the hands of state agents and the police, who could attack them when they felt like when they were under their custody –Staff Writer.

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