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Zimbabweans are angry

I WANT to respond to Patricia-Gwen-Afwoni’s article in the Herald of July 7 on President George W Bush’s visit to Africa.

f”>I wish you were a Zimbabwean so that you understand how angry most Zimbabweans are about the government of Robert Mugabe you purport to support in your article. Yes, if Mugabe is paying you, you are entitled to get your pay by writing what you are paid to write.

Zimbabweans want peace and development, not tyranny from Mugabe. So if President Bush can solve our problems, so be it.

Zimbabweans need liberation from anybody – God, Bush, Thabo Mbeki, Bakili Muluzi, Morgan Tsvangirai, yourself if you can. Rantings when my family is suffering will not help me.

I hope you will take my message seriously. Leave Zimbabweans alone if you cannot help.

Witboi Hlupai,


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