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Want to get rich? Join Zanu PF

I REFER to your lead story (Independent, July 4) about Zanu PF heavyweights buying shares in existing companies. This shows to what height corruption has peaked in Zimbabwe.

I now believe we are the only country in the world where daylight robbery, theft and corruption have been legalised, as long as you belong to the correct party.

In South Africa, all those who want to become businessman resign from government. Why is it that in Zimbabwe it is the opposite?

Those who want to get rich quickly join Zanu PF! Are we not ashamed? I hope those people buying big shares using ill-gotten money are following the events in Kenya, Zambia and Ghana.

Once this kleptocracy has been replaced, all those people involved in asset stripping should be brought to book. Witnesses should keep data!

E Pavha,


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