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Mbeki too much in awe to be Zim’s saviour

I REALLY cannot understand why anyone interested in Zimbabwe should look to South African President Thabo Mbeki as arbitrator or even our “saviour”.

Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>He is still the “new boy on the block”, seems to have learnt little or nothing at all from his mentor Madiba (Nelson Mandela) and cares more about currying favour with his neighbours than taking a firm stand against President Robert Mugabe and his cronies.

Clearly, he is in awe of the older bully, though goodness knows why this should be since South Africa holds all the cards but simply doesn’t wish to use them.

Forget about any help from Mbeki, the UK, the US and any other country in and outside Africa. Nobody is going to do anything radical because we do not have oil, which is something Mugabe realised a long time ago.

He is desperately looking for some way in which his eventual resignation will not result in prosecution for human rights abuses, never mind about going “with dignity”.

Why must he be allowed luxury when he has never given his people any? I hope the MDC will not be lenient on any of his misdemeanours. He must pay for his 20 plus years of cruelty, abuse of power, greed and megalomania.

What a difference in the man since his early days as leader of this country, when I thought – along with the rest of the world – “Here is an honest man”.

Sadly, we have been proved so wrong. Now we must “go it alone” – but nothing lasts forever.

Mandara Observer,


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