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Launch the ‘Daily Truth’

IT is not my practice to write to newspapers but I feel compelled to do so following the closure of the only independent daily newspaper on the lame excuse of operating “illegally”.

It’s obvious that this was a well-orchestrated move by none other than one non-elected government official with the blessings of his boss.

When you imagine that an average daily readership of two million people are, overnight, denied access to their chosen source of information by the same people who claim to be democrats, and the Mbekis and Obasanjos of Africa still believe the Commonwealth and the world at large must recognise these self-centred and patronising ruling fat cats, then Africa is doomed.

My proposal to redressing or filling the void created by this selfish move is for your good offices to launch, within the shortest period possible, a new daily paper that assumes all the good qualities of our closed down Daily News. It is obvious that the two bespectacled pseudo-professors will not move an inch to let the paper re-open. I further propose that the new paper be named the “Daily Truth” but retains its pay-off line, ie “Telling it like it is”.

In the event that the very least expected takes place, ie the paper is granted a licence to operate, then surely a compromise business deal should be reached.

I believe my proposal will be accorded serious consideration. Remember your duty is first and foremost to inform and educate us the public truthfully and honestly and to provide the information as a community priority.

Mutiro Mugomo,


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