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Gono’s lessons on how not to run a project

THE Herald’s report on central bank governor Gideon Gono’s call for Zimbabweans to brace for even tougher times ahead made sad reading.

Since his appointment at the Reserve Bank, a litany of half-baked economi

c programmes have been formulated and nothing positive has resulted from their implementation.

The quality of life for ordinary Zimbabweans continues to deteriorate unabated.

It is interesting to note that Gono’s economic cures are camouflaged with fancy titles to disguise the brutality of their intentions.

Look at the Project Sunrise, the only plausible deduction is that Gono wanted to relieve the poor populace of their hard-earned money.

The manner by which the project was executed would have been a tangible lesson for any project management student on how not to run a project.

Gono is not qualified to proffer advice to Zimbabweans when he has failed to deliver sound “text-book” economics.

Joseph Mhlanga,



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