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Decisive action needed

THERE is no doubt at the back of my mind that President Robert Mugabe will not leave office voluntarily.

His Heroes’ Day speech clearly shows that his mindset is

like that of former Yugoslav dictator, Slobodan Milosevic. Even after he was deposed, Milosevic still demanded a role in Vojisluv Kostunica’s government. No dictator has ever relinquished power voluntarily.

When Mugabe calls for the opposition to “repent” and “walk like us, talk like us and dream like us”, this is a clear indication that he is himself still dreaming that he has many more years left to continue ruining the country.

I say no, no no. It is high time we stopped talking about negotiating with a sick man and take decisive action against this man and his group of looter ministers. An arms struggle must be an option this time around.

Jennings Rukani,


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