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Bob’s enemies are also Zim’s enemies

PLEASE, all Zimbabweans, do not be misled into accepting as truth that the lies being fabricated against President Robert Mugabe by former colonialists and their supporters are worthy of your aborting the long struggle for freedom, justic

e and equality.

The enemies of your honourable president are equally your enemies, and whether you are associated with the opposition or not makes no difference.

They intend to deny you the people of Zimbabwe all that is rightfully yours by the route of subjecting you to the forces of neo-colonialism – the modern version of colonialism.

In order to achieve this feat, they must cause for your people civil disorders, economic disorders, religious and social disorders, and they will rely upon massive disinformation as they are utilising in trying to topple the government of Iran. You must not abandon President Mugabe. He is the real leader of your liberation and he deserves your continued support.

Recently a letter was sent to President Mugabe from an insignicant clique of African-Americans in which they echoed the words of their neo-colonial bosses. The clique consisted of Bill Fletcher, president of a group calling itself Transafrica Forum, Salih Booker, director of a group calling itself, Africa Action, William Lucy, president of a group called Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, Horace G Dawson Jr, director of the Ralph J Bunche International Affairs Centre at Howard University, and Reverend Justice Y Reeves of the Progressive National Baptist Convention.

I am more than familar with the so-called president of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, Lucy. He has always spoken the words of his white racist Afl-cio masters against the interests of African-Americans.

I do not personally know the other signees to the said letter, but “birds of the same feather flock together”, and having put their insignificant signatures on the same white racist neo-colonialists’ document, as did Lucy, puts them without doubt in the same prostitution class with him.

After reading excerpts of what those “Uncle Toms” had written on behalf of their continued colonial bosses, I was compelled to write a letter to you, the people of Zimbabwe not on behalf of your honourable president, but on your behalf for, as I said earlier, his enemies are indeed your worst enemies. Thank you for this opportunity. “All power to the people”, such is the epitome of President Robert Mugabe.

Yours for a totally liberated and independent Africa.

Efil Sih,

Humanity International,


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