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Why bother about emigres?

I HAVE over the past three years been trying to comprehend the logic behind both the independent media and the state media’s reasons for publishing letters and articles from people who reside in

foreign lands. And to make things worse, three-quarters have nom-de plumes.

In essence, what real contribution can a foreigner make to solve our problems except to criticise and condemn from a very safe distance.

I personaly don’t bother reading what they write because it’s completely irrelevant. So please editors less of those meaningless letters and contributing articles from UK emigrants.

Another bone of contention is that when you are aggrieved, you go absolutely bananas, you go ballistic. You allocated the whole of your Feedback Column to the offending service provider (Independent October 3) when M-Web found you in a bad mood. What about me? Who do I complain to when I am short-changed by Town & Country.

Bread and flour products are handled and stored in unhygienic conditions. The managers don’t give a hoot. Their bar-code prices are not the same as the prices written manually. They run their establishment like a township tuckshop. Take it or leave it! They never have any silver coins. But you try to give them less and they complain.

So you see Mr Editor, we are all getting poorer and continue to receive bad service and it seems there is nothing we can do about it.

Leslie Vollenhoven,


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