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IMF finally grants Mugabe’s wish

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has hardly missed an opportunity to condemn the International Monetary Fund. Of course many other bogus targets have been identified to divert attention from the real caus

e of the demise of Zimbabwe.

He has often gone further and suggested that the IMF should “get lost permanently”. Now his wishes have been granted at last. He has well earned his predicted expulsion.

Zimbabwe has now been suspended from participating within that institution. This overdue result removes any illusion that the Zanu PF government is creditable for further aid or donor assistance from the international community that it loves to hate, but has hypocritically “milked” for so long.

Zanu PF should understand that its access to these looting opportunities is now formally closed. Only Zanu PF hoodlums believe that they can live in global isolation for much longer.

If Zanu PF heroes believe that their residual debts will be forgiven and written off by the IMF or others, they must be living closer to their own mampara-land than is believable.

A derivative of this IMF decision is that Zanu PF’s empty begging baskets are becoming more visibly displayed in the territories of their solidarity comrades such as Malaysia, China, Angola, Cuba, Nigeria, Libya and South Africa.

Zanu PF cadres are so far well pleased that Mbeki’s solidarity has cost or diverted at least US$180 million of other people’s assets and wealth towards sustaining his solidarity comrade in power. They naturally hope more will come from these unwilling “suckers” before he too is found out.

Zanu PF leaders such as the party’s spokesperson Nathan Shamuyarira may have suggested that they were “conned” into signing up to Esap. They conveniently forget that at the time they committed to Esap, and all that went with it, their Marxist economic policies were floundering.

Zanu PF also welcomed Esap since well-minded persons gave them a tempting booty door to what they thought were unaccountable looting opportunities.

Esap failed because Zanu PF did not meet the promised performance criteria. Of course Zanu PF will readily fabricate a lying response to this truism.

Zanu PF still desperately tries to propagate lies to justify and extend itself. Typically, it abuses the truth about Esap, the World Bank, the IMF and the Lancaster House Agreement. Persons with memory will remember that Shamuyarira once declared that he was retiring from active politics to write a biography about his main hero.

In consideration of his exposed incapacity, with an apparent slow literary flow, compounded by the wholesome dimension of his subject hero, we probably will never see his view of the “real truth”.

So is any of this real news to anyone about the fundamental disposition of

Zanu PF?

Walter Hurley,


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