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Honourable thing is to say goodbye to State House

EVEN though President Robert Mugabe seemed to back-track on that old and ambitious idea of a one-party state, he was man enough to say the truth that the Zanu PF party leadership in Masvingo town

has to ensure that the town does not remain in the hands of zvimbwasungata (puppets).

Mugabe said although the land was now in the hands of the majority Vice President Simon Muzenda would not rest in peace if Masvingo town remained in the hands of the opposition MDC. He urged party members to ensure that Masvingo was no longer in the hands of zvimbwasungata.

The unsaid truth is; it is not the town of Masvingo alone, but most of the cities and towns which are in the hands of the MDC. Unless the people of Masvingo are controlled by forces they have no power over, they indeed have a degree of choice as to who they have to vote in or out of office.

If the ballot means people are free to express their opinions, as they did by voting MDC into office, then how will the party members ensure that Masvingo is no longer in the hands of zvimbwasungata – through vote-buying, through violence and intimidation, through free handouts of scarce commodities?

Whichever way the exercise is conducted – if it bears fruits, it will never rest in Masvingo. It will spread countrywide, wiping out its victims. Is this the very exercise which led to the suspension of the MDC mayor of the once Sunshine City and some of his councillors?

But in the first place, what makes people vote for these zvimbwasungata if blood is thicker than water? The situation says it all: even a “born free” can see things are upside down here.

With memories of Zimbabwe as the once bread basket of Africa, the people are hungry and angry. The cost of everything has sky-rocketed including burials.

If the leadership, not of Masvingo alone but nationwide, is to ensure that part of the country does not remain in the hands of zvimbwasungata as people continue to groan in these daily queues, then Mugabe will have to pack and leave, if not the country, then the State House.

Luxon Ekem Maposa,


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