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Where’s the patriotism?

AS the plot unravels and some mischievous machinations get exposed, one wonders what else is brewing in the cauldron of ambition.

ans-serif”>My mind is at war trying to decipher the codes and fit in the jigsaw puzzle.

The media strategy was meant to bar access not only to commoners but big guns as well.

While Aippa was introduced ostensibly in the national interest, it turns out that the “nation” is but a small clique which privatised the public media for its own benefit.

The draconian NGOs Bill seems to me like a tool that was designed to ensure that after getting into power, all avenues of criticism — constructive or otherwise — will be closed.

All organisations dealing in human rights and governance will be crippled and there will be no advocacy for justice to the poor and downtrodden. That way, power will be consolidated by ensuring the “silence of the lambs”.

Of interest to me are the authors and advocates of the Bill. Our brothers involved in clandestine meetings are very vocal on these proposed Bills. Is it because of self-interest or for the good of the country?

Freedom Ndaizivei,


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