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Made should resign

I THINK Agriculture minister Joseph Made should just resign because he has failed to deliver.

Why does President Mugabe spare him when he reshuffles his cabinet? His predictions to date have been way of the mark as these seem to

be done from the comfort of his

It beats me why Made branded his permanent secretary Simon Pazvakavambwa a liar when he revealed that our grain reserves would not take us anywhere.

Doesn’t it make sense to suspend GMB boss Samuel Muvuti until the finalisation of his corruption case? As things stand, his hands appear dirty yet Made seems to protect him.

Only this year Made said there was enough wheat to take us to 2007 only to discover that we had to import from South Africa. The best advice to Made is — resign!

A humble resignation would pave the way for those able to do the job.

Lovemore Maseko,


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