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Emperor without clothes

THERE is no doubt in the minds of most level-headed people President Robert Mugabe is indeed the weakest link in Zimbabwe’s recovery efforts. The saddest thing is that he chooses to ignore this reality, preferring instead the life of an emperor without c


The man will leave the legacy of ruling the country with such a degree of inefficiency that it boggles the mind how anyone can be so divorced from reality and suffering of his own people while deluding himself about being a great leader! All this in the name of a revolution that has long since veered of course.

One of his greatest problems is that the man, even while near demise, has never over all his years in office mastered the crucial art of ensuring that he has a cabinet made up of people who can deliver. The mediocrity, if nearing that description at all, of his entire team largely made up of praise-singers brings tears to the eyes.

For the time he has been in office, Mugabe relies on hearsay. It is unfortunate that those who feed him the happenings in the real world are so dastardly that they do not have the gall to tell him the truth that is out there.

Clearly with his wife and family they have never experienced the inconvenience of constant water cuts or of trying to develop a professional career without electricity disruptions day in, day out.

Living below the poverty datum is something that they have the luxury of relegating to the furthest corners of their imagination as they enjoy the comfort of a new home and plot swallowing the surrounding homes.

The country has visibly regressed into the dark ages and he does not seem to care, preferring to concentrate on fighter jets and imaginary invaders instead.

I was one of those who, though sceptical about his ability to deliver given his track record of mediocrity over the years, was willing to give Mugabe a chance vis-a-vis the land reform programme. The way things have panned out, largely due to inefficiency and lack of vision, has seen my support for the gaeriatric vanish.

Mugabe, please put national interest before your ego. You are very dispensable even if you do not think so yourself.

Gamu Nyathi,


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