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Diaspora not earning that much

I WISH Taurai Mushambi who wrote the article “Thumbs up for diaspora housing scheme”, (Zimbabwe Independent, December 17), could do a bit of research on the earnings of most Zimbabwea

ns in the UK.

The jobs that they do in the care homes and shops and as packers in industry pay the minimum wages (£4,85/hour) which may rise to £5,05/hour but can rarely go above £7/hour unless one works in London.

For him to suggest that £1 175 could be half or even a quarter of monthly earnings is very misleading.

Salaries for senior 1 therapists working in the National Health Service for example, range from £23 265 to £27 770 per annum. There are no allowances to augment the salary. Tax is 22% while national insurance is 12,5% on earnings of £2 215/month.

A therapist will thus take home about £1 600 from which he will pay rent (+/-£600), council tax (+/-£100) and utility bills (+/-£200).

The money left for food, insurance, clothes, sending people back home, petrol for the car and mobile phone calls is £700. By the end of the month the person is in the red.

In a nutshell, I do no think that many people in the diaspora, at least in the UK, will afford the mortgage repayments in five years, not by any stretch of the imagination.

If the same sort of reasoning was in the minds of the people who crafted the scheme, they got most of it, if not all, wrong.

Duncan Mbadzo,


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