I WANT to congratulate your formidable team for scooping the big one: “Mnangagwa knocked out”, (Zimbabwe Independent, November 26).

That indeed was a

big one. You beat the Herald in their own backyard.

While they were waiting for a call to action from the minister, you were taking care of business.

The Herald is making noise everyday, celebrating their poverty with lunch comprising of maputi and freezits with fellow comrades.

But on only one day of the week, you woke them up and spoilt their weekend leaving them wondering what had hit them.

They woke up the following Monday to console themselves while waiting for you to hit the streets again on Friday.

And for sure you did, just before their weekend. Every week they wake up to a “Wet Friday”.

Don’t give them some rest. Keep up the wonderful job. You shall be rewarded when the time is due.

Silent Tayaura,


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