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What a way to educate kids

WHAT kind of savages are employed by the Zimbabwe education department which callously shoot a pet (never mind what the species) and then eat it?

Is this really t

he way to make children – the future leaders of Zimbabwe – understand the necessity of conservation and kindness to animals?

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is striving to educate school children into nurturing their pets and the country’s unique wildlife, but what hope is there if their heads and others in authority set this kind of example?

The head ought to be sacked forthwith and the officer from the National Parks who aided and abetted him ought to go the same way and never be employed again.

As for the involvement of the ZRP in this deplorable incident, is it any wonder that the police are so despised and held in such contempt throughout the country?

I wonder how this officer reached the dizzy heights of assistant commissioner and to whom in government he happens to be related.

The police and National Parks exist solely to uphold the law and protect people and wildlife within the bounds of that law.

I suppose nothing will be done to bring these savages to book. I hope your reporters will not allow this story to “go away” and will keep readers informed of the outcome. What is this country coming to?

Norma Keatley,


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