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Time for sombre reflection

CELEBRATED Nigerian author Chinua Achebe once diagnosed his country’s tragedy as simply the unwillingness or inability of its leaders to exercise responsibility and rise to “the challenge of personal example”. <

Zanu PF has done precisely that. And today our country is the sick man of Sadc!

As the year 2004 comes to an end, it is an occasion not for celebration, but sombre reflection because there is nothing to celebrate.

At a time when the whole of Sadc has abandoned misrule, violent and bloody elections, the people of this country are now chafed under the rule of a Zanu PF kleptocracy.

We in the MDC have peeked through the binoculars to see what is ahead for this great country, but all we can discern is a bleak future under the Zanu PF “liberators”.

It’s clear that the people want a country where fairness, justice and equity are not mere slogans, but principles put into timely practice.

With parliamentary elections in March next year, we hope our country might find cause for celebration, if the forces of darkness are defeated.

Reflection Time,


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