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God has a plan for Tsvangirai

WHEN Leonard Zhakata composed the song Gomba remarara, little did he know that MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai was going to be arrested and tried for a crime he never committed.

ca, sans-serif”>Little did he know too that Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa was going to be disappointed by Tsvangirai’s acquittal in a case in which he could have been sentenced to death had he been found guilty.

In the song, Zhakata asks: “Sei muchifarira kufa kwevamwe?”

Translated into English, this would mean: “Why do you rejoice at the death of fellow human beings.”

Chinamasa was shown on national television seething with anger at the judge’s decision. Chinamasa would have been happier if Tsvangirai had been convicted and sentenced to death for a crime he never committed.

For someone with formal qualifications in law, Chinamasa should be one proclaiming the judge’s decision fair.

His statement shows how evil the man is and one begins to wonder how he obtained his legal qualifications.

It also raises questions on the integrity of people in the high echelons of what is supposed to be a government of Zimbabwe.

It is common knowledge that the Ari Ben-Menashe hoax was cooked up for use in the campaign by President Robert Mugabe in order to tarnish the MDC president ahead of the 2002 presidential election.

Every Zimbabwean knows how Mugabe shuttled from one corner of the country to the other to address rallies where he told the people, most of whom were force-marched to attend by the Zanu PF militia, that Tsvangirai wanted to kill him and take over power.

Mugabe’s statement about the alleged assassination plot was splashed all over – on national television and radio – to make the nation believe that Tsvangirai indeed wanted to kill him.

This and many other factors influenced the gullible ones who would otherwise have voted for Tsvangirai to vote for Mugabe. And Patrick Chinamasa knows this very well.

I hope the judgement by Justice Paddington Garwe can also be used to support Tsvangirai’s 2002 presidential election challenge which is still pending in the courts.

Mugabe should be brought before the courts to testify that he did make remarks about Tsvangirai’s alleged intention to kill him at his rallies as if it was a fact.

There have been reports that Justice Garwe was under a lot of political pressure from Zanu PF and its agencies to pronounce Tsvangirai guilty.

However, the evidence at hand was so overwhelmingly in favour of Tsvangirai’s acquittal, and one wonders why Chinamasa sees otherwise.

In Zhakata’s song referred to earlier, the musician advises people like Tsvangirai that God will always take care of such situations. The devil’s plan failed in both Zhakata and Tsvangirai’s situations.

Chinamasa should know that he has no control over God’s plans.

God’s plan for Tsvangirai may be to help the people of Zimbabwe from the mess caused by Mugabe and his lieutenants – Chinamasa chief among them.

Benjamin Chitate,


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